Value of Culture 2013

5 years, 50 participants, 5 continents!

From August 20 to 24, 2013 CREARE Foundation organised its fifth international summer school at the HUB Amsterdam. This year course celebrated the lustrum of the Summer School and brought together participants from five continents - Columbia, Netherlands, Latvia, Botswana, Korea, Singapore, Jamaica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Tasmania, and Italy.

As Lyudmila Petrova, the program director, underlined "We were happy to have been able to attract a great diversity of graduate students, academics and cultural entrepreneurs from a wide diversity of institutions and cultures". This year following the suggestions and requests of our alumni the course was shorter. We had ‘only’ five days to meet their interests, looking at various topics related to the cultural economic perspectives such as cultural values, cultural entrepreneurship, creativity, cultural industry and its financing, the art markets, and cultural policies.

Participants immediately apply the theory to actual cases through workgroups. Participants brought their own experiences and knowledge. They shared among each other and with the faculty their doubts, problems and the difficulties encountered in their daily practice in the cultural sector.

The faculty for the fifth edition included Arjo Klamer (Erasmus University), Olav Velthuis (Amsterdam University), Cees Langeveld (Erasmus University), Kazuko Goto (Saitama University - Japan), Christian Handke (Erasmus University), Lyudmila Petrova (Erasmus University), Priyatej Kotipalli (Erasmus University), and Anna Mignosa (Erasmus University, University of Catania). They engaged students in thoughts provoking conversations.

Arjo getting the group started.

Christian Handke leading the way through ‘Cultural industry’

Olav Velthuistalking about the art market

Cees Langeveld illustrating marketing strategies

Continuing the conversation outside

We tried to bring together different ideas, visions, …. And food!

Once again we believe we learnt a lot thanks to the contribution of our participants. Read what they say about us.

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